About the Expenditure Limit Committee

The state General Fund budget and 5 related funds subject to a spending limit defined in RCW 43.135: State Expenditures Limitations.

The Expenditure Limit Committee was established in 2000 for the purpose of determining and adjusting the state expenditure limit. The members of committee are:

  • The Director of the Office of Financial Management
  • The Attorney General or the Attorney General's designee
  • The chair of the Senate Ways & Means Committee
  • The chair of the House Ways and Means Committee (Appropriations Committee)
  • The ranking minority member of the Senate Ways & Means Committee
  • The ranking minority member of the House Ways and Means Committee (Appropriations Committee)

Each November, the Expenditure Limit Committee adjusts the limit for the previous and current fiscal year, and projects a limit for the following 2 years. Generally speaking, the expenditure limit is the actual spending level from the prior year multiplied by the fiscal growth factor, plus or minus any adjustments required by statute. The fiscal growth factor is the average growth in state personal income for the prior 10 fiscal years.

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November 2019 Meeting

Materials from the most recent ELC meeting

Fiscal Growth Factors

Fiscal Year Fiscal Growth Factor Status
FY 2019 4.00% Adopted Nov. 2017
FY 2020 5.08% Adopted Nov. 2018
FY 2021 5.91% Adopted Nov. 2019
FY 2022 5.79% Subject to Revision
FY 2023 5.58% Unofficial



David Schumacher
OFM Director (Chair)

Noah Purcell
Attorney General Designee

Sen. John Braun
Senate Ways & Means

Rep. Drew Stokesbary
House Appropriations

Sen. Christine Rolfes
Senate Ways & Means

Rep. Timm Ormsby
House Appropriations